What do you do at the beginning of a small group? Many small group leaders fail simply because they do not begin well. To begin well, a small group leader needs to make the time to discuss the following concerns with those who will become part of a small group. The group must come into an agreement concerning these matters before they do anything. In other words, the group cannot perform unless and until it is formed.


The small group leader must discuss the purpose of the group. First, what type of small group will it be. Second, why is it being created or started. What are the aims or goals of this small group. Who will be responsible for this small group? Is this part of something bigger, like maybe a department or a ministry? These issues or concerns must be discussed and clarified at the onset.


What does it mean to be part of this small group? What are the requirements to be part of this small group? Are there requirements before joining this small group? Is this small group open for all or only for a selected few? These are the kinds of concerns that must be discussed as well. Creating boundaries for the small group is crucial at the beginning.


What can we expect from this small group? What are expected from leaders as well as from members? What benefits will there be for joining this small group? Will there be rewards at the end of a certain small group project? What do we expect from each other as we conduct this small group? Can we expect nurturing or are we just going to be task oriented?


How are we going to proceed from here? What will be the typical agenda for our meetings? Are we going to meet regularly, say weekly, or is it going to be a monthly thing? How long will our meetings be? It this going to be a long process or are we just going to stay together until a certain project is accomplished? How are we going to decide on matters?

Watch this podcast to understand more about these concerns which are important to clarify at the beginning of a small group.

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