An effective leader knows how to guard his or her heart. His or her heart is the executive department of his or her soul. Decisions come from there. Values are chosen through the heart. Convictions emanate from the heart. Guarding the heart is not just protecting it from the outside. It also has to do with watching what is going on inside and making sure that your choices are right and in line with the truth. Your words and actions from your heart. Your lifestyle is ultimately a heart issue. Therefore it is important to know what are the hidden habits of the heart and to make sure that you develop the right habits of the heart over time through discipline and by God’s grace. These habits are as follows:

  1. Learning to Pause
  2. Learning to Process
  3. Learning to Pinpoint
  4. Learning to Practice

These habits will help you become an effective leader. Listen to this podcast to understand how these habits operate.

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