We don’t always do big-picture planning (e.g. strategic planning). Often all we do is just plan one-time events. So here’s a simple approach to do this kind of planning. First, get a piece of bond paper. Write a straight line in the middle. This will represent your timeline. Then divide the line into several columns representing the number of weeks that you still have before the event. See the picture below.

Then put the following items:

  1. Greater good (or Good idea) – This contains all the details about the event. Example: Name of event, time and place, price, etc.
  2. Objectives – These are the things you want to accomplish in this event. This will be useful for evaluation after the event.
  3. Action steps – These are the things you need to do to accomplish the event, divided into weeks. Include the person responsible for each task.
  4. List of resources – These are the resources you will need. They may be financial, equipment, etc.
  5. Schedules – These are the dates where you will meet (if you’re working with a team to discuss your progress and to make necessary corrections or to do problem-solving.

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