Personal motivation is the most important and most powerful form of motivation. But we are all social beings. We are also influenced by people and vice-versa. An important aspect of motivation is social or relational influence. This affects our emotional condition which inevitably affects our decisions. We do not decide in a vacuum. We consider what others might think, say or do. If they do think, say or do anything, we weigh them carefully. Of course, this is not true for everyone in our social network. Some are more influential than others. As leaders, we have direct control on this aspect of influence. Unlike personal motivation, we are very much responsible for this source of motivation. Leadership is really all about relationships.

There are four areas that we really need to understand and learn in order to be more effective in influencing people in the social and relational domain.

  1. Communication
  2. Caring
  3. Common experiences
  4. C-moments (crucial, critical and crisis moments)

Listen to this podcast to know more of these areas and how you can improve in each of them to influence others better.

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