Motivation is the willingness to do something in a certain way because of a certain reason or set of reasons. Leadership is a process of influencing people, and the concept of motivation is very important in that process. Therefore, knowing where motivation comes from is key.

According to Joseph Greeny, in his book Influencer, there are three sources of motivation:

  1. Personal – Motivation is primarily a personal matter. Each person is motivated by his own thinking and feeling patterns.
  2. Social – We are all influenced by other people, whether we admit it or not.
  3. Environmental – The environment we are in influences us. It may be subtle but the influence is there, whether we are conscious of it or not.

I would like to add my own insights about motivation by including three additional categories:

  1. Personal – Spiritual
  2. Social – Levels of Relationships
  3. Environmental – Structural and Cultural

Watch this video to understand what I mean by these additional categories.

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