Motivation is a very important factor in leadership. When you’re trying to lead a person or a group, you need to be constantly looking at this aspect because this is the kind of feedback that would enable you to adjust your leadership style and so improve your leadership overall.

What is motivation? I define motivation as “the willingness to do something in a certain way because of a certain reason or a set of reasons.” Thus, motivation has four aspects that can be observed.

  1. Willingness – You and I have the ability to choose. This is part of who we are as persons. We can choose to be compliant, cooperative, or committed. Or we can choose not to do anything at all. The choice is ours. Motivation is seen in our willingness, and also in the level of our willingness.
  2. Activity – Motivation is not an abstract idea. It is concrete. It can be seen. It is practical. You would know a person is motivated because of what he does. A person who simply says yes but does not do what is asked of him is simply giving you mental assent. He is not really motivated.
  3. Quality – Performance is based on expectations and standards. You would know a person’s motivation by looking at the quality or quantity of his performance. A mediocre performance shows you that the person is not really motivated. Excellence is an indication of motivation.
  4. Reason or reasons – We all do something for a reason, and this in turn shows the true nature of our motivation. We can be motivated by wrong things or by right reasons. Motivation is both a matter of the mind as well as of the heart. Both the intellect as well as the emotions are involved in motivation. We understand why we’re doing something and we are compelled by it. This shows true motivation.

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