In this podcast, I want to answer the question, “How do you lead leaders?” It’s a tough question, and the best way to answer it is to┬átalk about the different levels of leadership. They are…

  1. Leading yourself
  2. Leading another person
  3. Leading a small group
  4. Leading a team
  5. Leading leaders
  6. Leading a movement

In the second part of the podcast, I want to talk about the styles of leadership. This has to do with the idea of situational leadership, which is not really my idea. It’s Ken Blanchard’s idea. It has to do with adopting to the kind of person you’re leading. There are basically four kinds of people, using the framework of motivation and ability, which Ken Blanchard identifies as the main factor in determining what kind leadership style is most appropriate in a given situation. They are…

  1. A person who is not motivated and does not have the necessary abilities
  2. A person who is motivated but does not have the necessary abilities
  3. A person who is not motivated but has the necessary abilities
  4. A person who is motivated and has the necessary abilities

Based on this framework, the general guidelines are:

  1. For person 1, be directive
  2. For person 2, be a coach or a trainer
  3. For person 3, be a motivator
  4. For person 4, be a partner

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